Did Someone Say Guitar Lesson

Did Someone Say Guitar Lesson

Did Someone Say Guitar Lesson

Did Someone Say Guitar Lesson With HobbyDo?

You’ve got the feeling and you’ve decided to buy a guitar! Nothing will stop you, even your job, your life style. Therefore, you empty your bank account, raid your kids’ college fund and head down to a local music store or go online. You will buy that acoustic guitar and your wife will ask you when you will ever grow up?

Alright! Here are the 5 steps you should follow when you are starting your journey to become a pro guitar player;

1. Make sure to play a guitar, before you buy it.
Although that guitar may look cool online, you may not like the way it feels in your hands. Most people who buy a new guitar don’t end up learning it therefore, you would spend a lot of money on a guitar as an art peace on the wall or an extra waste of space in your shelf’s. Although playing a guitar may look fun and cool it might not be the right instrument for you. There are couple of ways to prevent this happening. Getting a Guitar lesson with HobbyDo will get you started. You will start learning with your instructor’s guitar which will let you understand if playing guitar is the right hobby for you!

2. Research the guitar.
Research is key for buying your first guitar. Guitars vary greatly and as a beginner it is hard to know which guitar suits your style. For example, I would not recommend buying a guitar with active EMG pickups if you hate playing with the distortion on. As a beginner these might be difficult terms for you to decide which guitar you should choose.
Know your price range. This could be a "make or break" point for some of us. Most people would love to have a huge budget for their next purchase, but sadly that is not the case (college student, anyone?). This point gets overlooked more often than it should. Try to avoid falling in love with a guitar that you know that you can’t afford. So how do you solve this problem you may ask. We do not recommend online sources such as blogs or YouTube channels as brands do pay most influencers to sell their products. Your best mentor will be your guitar instructor as they are specialized in the guitar market, they will help you find best guitar for you. For example, once you book a lesson from HobbyDo you can explain what style of music you like and what style of music you would like to play. From these specifications your guitar instructor will give you some options.

3. How many guitar lessons do you need?
Maybe the most common question is how many lessons do I need in order to become good at playing a guitar? If you decide to start with a guitar instructor, which is great think to do, it is enough to take 1 hour lesson a week. With the development of the techniques taught by the instructor in a lecture, you will be progressing every week by practicing what you have learned in the lesson.
The weekly course hours could be increased. However, you do not necessarily need more than one lesson a week as it requires personal practice before learning something new. With HobbyDo you can pick and choose which days, where and when you would like to have your guitar lesson with only 1 click!

4.Electric or acoustic?
At this point in the shopping process, you should already have an idea of what you want. However, this question may be difficult for some people. Ask yourself: "What do I need?" and "Which option will benefit me in the long run?". The best way to know this is try both guitars and get advice from your instructor.

5.Know what you are looking for. 
We recommend to you to not step foot into the music store until you have a short list of guitars you want to buy. Go into the music store with a purpose, because if you have done your research, you already know more than most of the customer service personnel. It is the employee’s job to sell you something, so if you go into that store unprepared, you may just walk out with a guitar that you have never even wanted.

Date 08 Haziran 2019
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